T-shirt with Ryo on it

Have just finished it.  Felt like showing it to you, people...

I wonder if anyone notices or recognizes while i'm walking down the streets of Tokyo wearing it ... have to check XD

Was inspired by this picture of Him 

and here's what we have on ourselves XD



red back

Chonmage Spoilers

As i see lot's of people are willing to here the spoilers, due to that, here's some stuff:

the kiss

when Ryo was heading back to his Edo jidai days, the ground under his legs changed into
bowling water. At that time in order to save Ryo, not let him drown in the liquid concrete...sorry,
that was water XD Ria kissed him! That was unexpected even for Ryo he was with his eyes open
till the end of the kiss XD u was shocked, cause that definitely wasn't THE ROMANTIC kiss XD

it was a japanese kiss, a no-action or mouth-moving kiss, but still that was shocking, cause it's timing was so not right! XDD

the after-bath scene 

that scene was just hilarious!!
Ryo was taking bath with that little kid, and the kid was so LOL all the time, when they finished the bathing thing kid ran out of the bath room screaming 'kappa', then we saw Ryo heading to the kitchen out of the bath-room, with his long hair and shaved top of the head XDD

it is difficult to watch XD why?? cause that is so funny, that you can't help laughing with your eyes closed!! XD

the end

the movie ends...sad T_T

the Samurai ends up going back to Edo Jidai he came from.
but the woman and the little kid find a little cafe, where used to be Ryo's house during the Edo Jidai.
the cafe-shop sold...right!! puddings! So when Ryo was back to his time he continued with the backing
thing and his one Ryo-chonmage-purin!!

if you have some more questions about the movie spoilers, be free to ask using the comment button ^_^v

Namiki-san '10年1月29日 #4 entry translation

uwaa!! minna, arigatou!!
i'm very very happy You, guys, enjoying the translations

yet... it might be a bit weired...sometimes it's getting too hard to think of some perfect words 
while translating, so i'm sorry the posts are clumsy ^_^

thank You!
i like doing this and am very glad and happy to 'hear' ^_^ read You'r warmy comments!


itsumo arigatou! ©

Namiki-san 10.01.29 #4 blog entry original

キュートくん - Cute-kun - Yasuda

ちっさいおっさん - Chiisai Ossan - Little Ossan:  すばごろう- Subagorou - Subaru

ヤンチャボーズ - Yancha Boy - Naughty Boy - Ryo

  ホテルくん - Hoteru-kun - Okura

  もしもくん - Moshimo-kun - Murakami

シュッとした子 - Shuutto shita Ko - Yoko

丸男くん - Maruo-kun - Maruyama 

'10年1月29日 #4


so everyone dressed up in  a 'reinja-colored-eito∞-aloha' clothes are boating...



‘it’s a real yacht!’

‘what speed is it capable of?’

‘taking a picture!’

 as expected, nothing has changed, the excitment and noisiness is still ‘on air’.


at that time subagorou bent down saying:

‘frankly speaking… um…when it comes to boats…I don’t feel well’

( ̄□ ̄;)whaaaaat!! seasickness!?

‘well if it isn’t sway strongly, I’d be alright, I think …’


cap…captain! does it sway? it sways? sways?

‘noooooo, the ocean is still today, it means we can ‘ride with the wind’

( ̄□ ̄;)whaaaaat !! wi…wind!? me getting scared, looking at eito


the members are:

‘it’s all right’

‘yeah, noupuroburemu’ (no problem)

‘right, Subaru!’

saying all these as one …while looking at Subagorou…and Maruo fooling around…


ヽ(`Д´)ノ whaaaaat!?

 the stuff members somehow had finished preparations and feeling nervous boated on the yacht.

~ little by little, without haste we’re making our way into the see…~  it is how i imagined us having our cruise…

gaaaaa!! and we’re already riding with the wind out at see.

the stuff, including me, were speechless…

used all my power to keep the cry ‘gyooeeee!!!!’ inside my head.

holding on to something…being unable to move.


I asked cameraman O-chan if he was all right.

‘i’m fine! so far as I’m concerned that the camera is still by my side!’

at that time ‘boyz’ sat down on the deck screaming out wildly:

‘wuooo – !’


looks like something’s going on there (where eito are seating) 
! OMG !

… holding on…holding on…moving forward to see what kids are up to, there.


when the photo shoot is about to start yancha boy is taking off his
'reinja-colored-eito∞-aloha' thing and begin waving it with the ‘words’:

‘yahhouuu ーーー!’

and the meaning of his action?…don’t get it…


other members are spinning here and there…


hey!! we’re beginning the photo shoot! ヽ(`Д´)ノ

‘photo shoot!’ ‘right, getting together, getting together!’ ‘hyohho ー!’


cameraman O-chan, where are you going to shoot?

‘will shoot from the top!’


‘careful! try not to fall down!’ moshimo-kun says.


‘the yacht has stopped, so it’s safe to climb up’ hoteru-kun says.

cute-kun and yancha boy
are going ‘kya kya’ *

subagorou seating between shutto shita ko and maruo

watching blue ocean waves splashing around.


at that time  a jet ski approached us.

when our yacht ‘jumped’ on the wave made by the jet ski,

everyone applauded, screaming:




the local fishing boat’s salesmen, we’ve recently passed by, showed us a huge tuna.


took some good pics of noisy ‘boyz’ on our way back.

all troubles have passed away, the cruising has ended, safely, without accidents.


next, leaving for a grass-covered plain on the top of the mountain.

took some ‘7 cool guys watching a beautiful sunset’ pictures.


an incredible panorama of the whole island was petrifying.

what a cliff !!



‘amazing! terrific! marvelous!’


yet again in a middle of the photo shoot…

subagorou spoke a word:

'Gake no ue no Yoko!' **

everyone burst out laughing loudly, it was unreasonable to continue with the shoot, 

kids 'left' for their own pace, laughing and enjoying the moment...


    our yacht                     the 
 grass-covered plain

to be continued…


* キャッキャッkya kya – screaming with laughter; laugh merrily; squeal with mirth;

** gakeの上のヨコや!! - Gake no ue no Yokoya! subaru's words play meaning

'10年 1月 8日 #1

'10年 1月 15日 #2

’10年 1月 29日 #3



錦戸亮 j-web 10.01.28


Minna-san good evening.

it's Nishikido.

Subaru-kun had katsudon* yesterday, he enjoyed it so much.

And i had an Okinawa obentou and a salisbury steak ** it was very tasty, both.

Want to eat it again...

Yesterday Yasu said a dull thing, i said it was boring, he said i am as boring as it too.

Was shocked.

Maru's hair style is the same as Hiroshi Fujioka-san ***  has, they're already look alike.

Aaaargh...if there'd be the same talk, i'd still say 'it is dull!' to Yasuda.


Will have to think about it properly.



Namiki-san '10年1月22日 #3 entry translation



'10年1月22日 #3


so here it comes, we met our first morning here and more interesting things are on!


we're meeting in the room at 7:30 am for make up and cloth change!

decided to come earlier, so if the kids are late, I’ll be able to scold them!

so I was there before 7:30 am, check in to find out how things are going with preparations.


‘good mooooorning! everythings OK?’

‘2 more kids are to begin with the preparation, dressing up’

just at that time members are entering the room moving one after another .

‘heaeeeeeeeeeee! amazing. splendid'

‘you tachi, have you had your breakfast?’ asked Cute-chan* caring for me and the stuff.


the Little Ossan**  has already enjoyed the hotel meal serv - buffet, came back saying:

‘i’m so fuuuuull’…lies down.

later Naughty Boy*** distracts W – chan (stylist), saying out loudly:

‘we don’t have anything to drink, right?’

at the same time, lacking ‘this and that’ hair stylists Y and M-chan are running about in the room.

irresponsibly admonishing to Hoteru-kun**** and Moshimo-kun*****

‘it’s OK. will manage it somehow!’

it’s been ruffle since early morning!!


‘so members have already done with the breakfast, right?’


‘have done!’

‘can’t move…’


and only one character Shuutto shita Ko****** was moving around, here and there with a sour face on.

‘en? so? why didn’t you get to have the meal?’

‘we are having the shoot from now on, right?  i don’t want my stomach to look fat. and as it’s hot now,

not eating anything makes me feel good! what a nice feeling’

‘then we’ll take some food to the beach with us’

thus time goes by, it’s time to leave for photo shoot...


so we’ve arrived.

failed directing ‘them’, no matter how hard I tried.

kids just went swimming without permission.

when leaving for the shoot location, it’s better not to give 関ジャニ∞ any directions at all.

no matter what, they’ll immediately find the way to entertain themselves, have fun.

letting them be free to do what they want gives us the chance to make the best shots.


so while the kids are playing around here comes lunch time.


 the one who hadn't managed to have his breakfast was the first one to seat down and begin his meal.

Maru and Subaru were whooping things up.

what on Earth is so interesting about these jockes …

the old sister doesn't get it at all...

this and that...moving to the next location spot, cruising!!

everyone dressing up in  the 'reinja-colored-eito∞-aloha' clothes are boating...

 view from the hotel                            lunch burger set

to be continued…


 * キュートくん - Cute-kun ... thinks it's Yasuda XD

** ちっさいおっさん - Chiisai Ossan - Little Ossan - Subaru

*** ヤンチャボーズ - Yancha Boy - Naughty Boy - Ryo

**** ホテルくん - Hoteru-kun - Okura

***** もしもくん - Moshimo-kun - Murakami

****** シュッとした子 - Shuutto shita Ko - Yoko (the one who didn't have his breakfast)

******* 丸男くん - Maruo-kun - Maruyama

 *thanks [info]fuyunyaa for helping with the nick-names* 


'10年 1月 8日 #1

'10年 1月 15日 #2
red back

山下智久 j-web entry 10.01.16 translation







about what happened recently.

i asked a person i know about a hospital telefone number.

later made a call there, using the hospital telefone number i was given.

i asked them, to write a precription, but the answer was: 'a prescription? but we can't do this. it is barber's'

the institution is wrong! *

it is so embaressing!

( <- the person who gave me the number ) please next time, think properly before doing something!'s useless! XD

* in japanese:

病院 [ byouin ] ー hospital
美容院 [ biyouin ] ー barber's

院 [ in ] ー institution

the 'institution' kanji is in both words, and as they're sounds alike it's easy to mess them up





& dog

Namiki-san '10年1月15日 #2 entry translation

continuing with  Namiki-san, Eito and Guam trip entries translation
there're some spots that are unclear, so if you would find, read or hear  another vers...
here's the original Namiki-san10.01.15 #2 blog entry



'10115 #2

after the first post there was a ‘letter shower’ spreading !
i was so so so so so surprised!
didn’t expect there would be so many mails!
yet Eito are so kind and sweet (T▽T) thank you!
while answering your questions, keep all your wishes and desires in my mind,
giving my best to justify your hopes while writing this entry.

so ‘at once shot’ photo session is a barbeque one!
headed the hotel, were done with all the preparations immediately.

*oh…these insatiable, hungry members*

got to the first photo shooting spot, these skinny kids were so hungry, that
began to barbeque the meat right off.
now that all the members are gathered together one after another
they are cutting off only for  「
yu..! yummy! 」「delicious! 」exclamations,
after continuing ‘playing a good  knife and fork’.

*y…you’re having a photo shoot, you know…*

「y…you…’d have your supper later…」

_) ← the face all the members had, after hearing my words…

「it’s OK!! 」「we can still go on!! 」「eat more! !」

so the shoot shifted the evening meal a little bit…though guys ate (no, they gobbled…)
during the shoot, when it was barely over and we finished with all the work today,
kids free-and-easy with smiles on their faces, happily continued the barbeque feast. 

at that time a fire show began on the stage. all the members are staring on the stage, being petrified .
Maruo got up on the stage, me and the stuff members, forgot about our age were screaming with him: 

yahouuuupyu pyu

when he got off the stage, in the middle of the show, a dancer got down off the stage
and began investigating the guests, then picking some of them up.

*uwaaa! don’t come here, don’t come closer!
you see, if you invite these guys, they might all get on the stage…so please…*

but all the praying failed.
dancers are already reaching out their hands …inviting…

Me and the stuff members: 「whaaaaaaaaaat !?」

the member seems to be troubled and fussy.
wonder what he would do…refuse the ‘dancing call’?…refuse it, deffinitely...

nya-nya-nya-nya…he's getting on the stage.

and it looks like there’re no japanese here…so I’m sure it’ll be alright.

each dancer was bringing on the stage 3 people, so in no time there was already no place on it,
but the kid was ok with it, he was dancing magnificently. 
in the end the member and the stuff laughed out loudly all together.
so I’m sure he did enjoy it.

after the dinner, the members somehow seemed to be too restless…

「do you plan to go shopping? 」

*n…e?* well yes, stuff members are going to the supermarket  to buy some
 things we’re lacking for tomorrows photo shoot

「nja…then we’re in too ♪」

 *he!? we? ‘re? we’re…who!? ヽ
`Д´) … of course … it’s everyone heeee…*

「ku-chan! n-chan!
(local coordinating team)sorry, could you give us a location bus please!! 」

so 20 people left for shopping.

here, there…time passed by quickly…and we finally got back to our hotel.

「tomorrow, have to get up early!! don’t even think to be late!

「haaaaai (^^)」

*why all together with one voice!?*  o_O

 phew…tomorrow…I wonder if they’d be ok…



to be continued…


'10年 1月 8日 #1

'10年 1月 22日 #3

錦戸亮 j-web 10.01.14

now as i've entered the Family and am it's member XD
have the full access to j-web
will be weekly posting Nishikidos' entries

よろしく!! ^_^v


Good Day.
It's Nishikido.
Now have to decide with the magazines'  photoshoot subject.
Please pray so that i would look cool and a handsome in it.

Please ♥



Namiki-san '10年1月8日 #1 entry translation

as you might know this year  the TV Guide magazine shooted Eitos' 2010-2011 calendar, as they did it last year
so Namiki-san decided to start the 'Kanjani8 Calendar Countdown' column
so here it goes  Namiki-san 10.01.08  #1 blog entry 

and it's translation:

'10年1月8日 #1


will speak frankly.

when i found out that this year I’m going to shoot Kanjnai8 calendar again,

my first ‘said out loud sound’ at that moment was 「bu ge! 」*


as the last calendar had a great success they entrusted us to make this year calendar too,

it’s really great I do feel happy, but there might be little percentage of pressure too…

what if we won’t be able to surpass last time success…but thinking of Eito,

they are so kind, and I wonder if it’s ok…

anyway… I was like「my pride won’t let me! 」**  … etc.,

though my heart was beating ‘tokidoki’ all the time.


so while I was everyday thinking about the topic,

idea, subject of the future calendar shooting,

I went to see the M-manager san, where the ‘Recomen’ show is taking place.***

I asked him:

'is there anything all the Eito members have never done together before?'

'of course there is! for example having abroad trip all together'.


  ̄□ ̄ … abroad trip!? this might be interesting…but at this time (2009 crisis)

I wonder if the office can afford them have a trip abroad. 

the directors face appeared. he laughed. ****


of course I do believed my intuition, but somehow I ended up thinking if I could really make it…

when we travel abroad, what should we do there? from now on day by day I began thinking about the

concept.  and decided to start my own ‘member research’ .

'if going abroad with all the members, where would you like to go?'

 I was ‘aho’ (‘ahou’ – idiot, stupid)  asking this.  

on our meeting, where we were to decide with the plot

‘naughty boy’******  had the face to say:
'abroad trip! isn’t it great! Europe would be amazing!'

met at the radio station the ‘radio star’***** who said

'where to go? Cebu*******, Australia would do too'


YOU!! before going on a trip, have lot’s of things to do,

first of all, have to figure out how much the trip would cost,

but the most important is your schedule, something that can’t be avoided. 

so, now, with all the 7 members we had to diced with their schedule, with the best timing.


had a long talk with M-manager:
'the nearest ‘abroad’… but instead of ‘doing’ it within Asia let’s try with American spot',

so it was decided that it would be Guam!

almost all, the stuff and the members, haven’t been to Guam,

plus the fact that it only takes about 3 hours and a half to get there … wonderful, just the right thing!

09.12.06, gathering all together we left for Guam.

after we had arrived, with the stuff already standing by and the members finishing with their preparations,

we started our shooting right on sunset time.

at once shoot the barbeque and pool scene.



to be continued…


from now on「TV Guide」will public the column dedicated to  " 関ジャニ∞ Say! Hello!! " calendar.

let’s have fun and fully enjoy it!

be free send your views, impressions with no hesitation


* think it’s the same as ‘suge’ – cool, amazing; or Namiki san loves Nodame and exclaims the same sounds she does in the movie and anime XD

** guess Namiki-san means she’s not the one to give up type, she does her best all the time

*** radio station in Osaka

**** i think Namiki-san is saying that the chief/director of the office agreed with sending Eito abroad

*****  think Namiki-san is talking about Murakami and Yoko, who host the Recomen show

****** Ryo

******* Cebu is an island of the Philippines

'10年 1月 15日 #2

'10年 1月 22日 #3